Best Fishing - How to Tie the Knotless Knot:

From bare hook to the finished article. Below are six steps to tying the knotless knot...

In this example, I have used 'Sufix Camo Skin' as the line with a size 8 barbless Gardner Mugg.

Step 1

The Gardner 'Mugg size 8 Barbless Carp Hook. Or your preferred choice of hook. Remember, most waters these days insist upon 'Barbless Hooks'.
Size 8 Gardner Mugg Barbless Carp Hook

Step 2

Take a length of your preferred line which must be long enough to make the rig but also enough for the knot, hair rig and a loop to connect to the main line. Tie in a small overhand loop which will hold your bait stop later. Thread the other end through the back of the hooks eye and draw through. Leave the looped end long enough to be pulled through your bait and hold a bait stop.Stage 2, thread through the back of the hooks eye...

Step 3

Wind the free end of your hook length back down the shank of the hook working towards the bend. Six or seven turns are sufficient for most cases.
Wind the free end of your hook length back down the shank

Step 4

Pass the free end back through the back of the eye once more ensuring that the coils around the shank remain tight...Pass the end back through the eye

Step 5

Draw the line tight. Unlike most other knots, this particular knot does not require moistening before drawing tight.Draw the line tight

Step 6

The finished Knotless Knot. There is argument for passing the line back thru the eye from the underside because of the way the hook is pulled when setting the hook. Personally, I've done VERY well using the Knotless Knot this way with dozens of 20's and a few 30's. Basically, it's your preference...

The Finished Knotless Knot