Sea Fishing Rigs - from the Beach, Boat, Shore, Cliffs and Lures

Sea Fishing Rigs for beach, pier and boat sea fishing

The Wishbone
A two hook rig that allows for either two closely presented baits or one large one. Excellent for cod etc.

The Pennel
Another two hook rig that can be used in many ways. Primarily for large baits. However, you can use a small tail hook (size 1) and a larger top hook (size 4/0). Bait the smaller with a ragworm or similar and cast out. The idea is to catch a small fish at distance and hen to fish it live for cod etc.

The Rotten Bottom
For fishing in snaggy marks. The lead is affixed to the main rig line via a pice of nylon of about 10lb strain. It will snap if the lead becomes snagged leaving you with the rest of your rig or even a fish.
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The Pulley Rig
Constructed with beads,

The Whiting Rig
This three hook rig for fishihn the whiting shoals. When the fish are in, in great numbers, you can have two rigs ready to go. Use a snap link to swap rigs over. Cast one out, allow the hooks ti fill up wind in, swap rigs, cast back out and then deal with the fish form the first rig.